Suction nozzle is an important factor affecting the placement rate

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The chip machine nozzle is the important factor that affects the placement rate, the cause is divided into internal and external reasons.

1:Internal reason
On the one hand, if the vacuum negative pressure is insufficient, the suction nozzle takes the piece before automatically converts the mechanical valve on the mount head, converts from the blowing air to the real it adsorbs, produces a certain negative pressure, when absorbs the part after, the negative pressure sensor detects the value within a certain range, the machine is normal, on the contrary suction is bad. Generally, intake the piece position to mount the position suction nozzle the negative pressure should be at least in 400mmHg above, when mount the big device negative pressure should be in 70mmHg above, therefore should clean the filter in the vacuum pump regularly, to guarantee enough negative pressure; At the same time should check the negative pressure detection sensor’s working state regularly. On the other hand, is the filter on the mounting head and the filter on the suction nozzle are blackened because the surrounding environment or the air source is impure to be polluted and blocked. Therefore the filter should be replaced regularly, generally, the filter on the suction nozzle should be replaced at least once in half a month, the filter on the mounting head should be replaced at least once in half a year, in order to ensure the smooth airflow.
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2: External reason
On the one hand is the air source circuit pressure relief, such as rubber air tube aging, rupture, seal aging, wear and tear as well as suction nozzle after long time use, etc., on the other hand, is because of adhesive or dust in the external environment, especially the paper braided tape packing components in cut off after a large number of waste chips, cause suction nozzle blockage, therefore because daily check the cleanliness of the suction nozzle, monitor and control the suction nozzle at any time to take parts, to blockage or take parts bad The nozzle should be cleaned or replaced in time to ensure good condition, and at the same time, when installing the smt nozzle, we must ensure correct and firm installation, otherwise it will cause damage to the nozzle or equipment.

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