Requirements For The Working Environment Of SMD Machine

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As the most important part of the SMT production line, the SMD machine is also the most accurate and complex smt equipment. It has certain requirements for the working environment. A good working environment can reduce the failure rate of the slider and shorten the service life of the slider. The following is a summary of the environmental requirements of Huawei Guochuang Electronic Technology Co.

1. Room temperature
It is usually best to place the machine and solder paste printing equipment at a room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and 26 degrees Celsius, if this number is not reached, the fish shall not be higher than 36 degrees Celsius at 16 degrees Celsius.

2. indoor humidity
Most people are aware of the space impact on the SMD machine, but humidity also has a greater impact on product quality. High humidity components will not absorb moisture, especially the internal precision parts sensitive to humidity, and if the paste moisture absorption can also cause welding defects.
Some may ask, humidity has such a big impact, so trying to improve the dry is not okay? Of course not. If the dryness is too high, static electricity may be generated when the air is dry. Some components, such as electrostatic discharge, are sensitive to static electricity. Therefore, humidity control should also be in balance. Topco engineers recommend that you keep your indoor humidity around 42-73R.

3. About cleaning
If the machine works in a dusty environment, it will have a qualitative impact on the mounting and welding of small and thin pitch (0.3 mm) components such as 0201 and 01005. It will also increase the wear and tear of the equipment, and may even lead to equipment failure. Increase the maintenance and repair workload of the equipment. In the same production environment, in addition to dust, there may be certain chemical gases in the circumstance. If there are some harmful substances in these gases, it will cause some harm to the human body; if these gases are corrosive, it will seriously affect the reliability of the products. Therefore, the working environment must be kept clean, free of dust, corrosive and odorless gases. This ensures the welding quality of the product, the proper operation of the equipment, and the health of the operators.
The optimum air cleanliness in the working environment is class 10W (BGJ 73-84). In an air-conditioned environment, there should be a certain air volume to control the CO2 content below 1000 ppm and CO_2 content below 10 ppm as much as possible to ensure human health.

General plant cleanliness is maintained at a certain level more difficult to reach 10W and more costly. To achieve such an environment, because, when the staff must be pumped into vacuum equipment, the entire plant is under negative pressure. In today’s competitive market environment, this would yield a small profit with few companies spending large sums of money on the investment. Even if this requirement cannot be met, it is necessary to make cleanliness regulations, such as cardboard dust impact, dust, and carrying large items can not enter the SMT shop.


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