Hecan SMT technician tells you the characteristics of multifunctional pick and place machine

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Multi-functional mounter is also called high-precision mounter or pick and place machine, can mount high-precision large, shaped components, generally can also mount small chip components, can cover almost all the range of components, so-called multi-functional mounter. Today, Hecan will talk about the basic features of a multi-functional bonder.
First, the structure of the multifunctional pick and place machine mostly adopts the arch frame structure, which has the characteristics of high precision and good flexibility.
Second, the X and Y positioning system mostly uses a fully closed-loop servo motor drive, with a linear scale encoder for direct position feedback, to avoid errors due to the twisted deformation of the screw rod. Some in the y-axis using double motor and double screw in both sides of the platform drive, and use a double linear scale for feedback, can effectively reduce the waiting caused by the static of the mounting head, reduce the error caused by the deformation of the beam asynchronous. There is the more advanced use of linear magnetic levitation motor, in addition to the technical characteristics of each double drive, but also has a direct drive, mechanical structure less wear and tear, fast feedback, quiet, easy maintenance, and high precision characteristics.
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Third, most of the multi-kinetic placement machines using circuit board fixed type, with the movement of the mounting head to achieve X and y positioning, will not be because of the movement of the table and the large or heavy components because of inertia and displacement.
Fourth, it can accept all kinds of material packing methods, such as tape packing, tube packing, box packing, and tray packing. In addition, when the tray is loaded with more materials, it can be equipped with a multi-layer special tray feeder.
Fifth, in addition to the traditional vacuum nozzle, can be used in the material suction, and for the shape more difficult to absorb the components can be used special nozzle, in addition, for the vacuum nozzle can not absorb the components can use pneumatic jaws.
Sixth, components in the correction of the general use of an upward-looking camera, with front light, side light, backlight, and online light, and other functions, can identify a variety of different components. If the component’s size is too big, exceeds the camera’s one view image (FOV), the upper view camera can also be analyzed and corrected through multiple view images after taking pictures comprehensively. Some multi-functional mounter’s mount head is also equipped with mount head moving camera, can identify the smaller various components.
Seven, in some products, some perforated plug-in (Pin h Paste) components also need and other SMD components at the same time to mount and through reflow soldering for nursery, this kind of perforated plug-in components of insertion needs machine has big pressure mount ability. Part of the multi-functional mounter’s mount head has the ability of high-pressure mount, mount pressure can be controlled by the program, the maximum can reach 5 kg.
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Eight, some multi-functional mounter can add-flux dipping system (Flux Dipping Assembly), can carry on the component stacking package (Package on Package) and flip-chip (Flip Chip) placement.
Nine, some multi-functional mounter can also be installed with the dispensing head for the dispensing before mounting, part of the components of the tin or bottom fill (Underfill).
Multifunctional pick and place machine can deal with a variety of complex components, is the production of complex electronic products essential equipment. In some research, testing, trial production units, in the case of being able to accommodate the type of material, only one or more multifunctional bonder for small batch production. But multifunctional pick and place machine in dealing with small chip components when the speed is far from being compared with the high-speed bonder, some high-speed bonders in the placement of small chip components when the placement speed can reach multi-functional machine to mount the same components speed 5 ~ 10 times. Therefore, in the medium and large scale production, generally will be based on the characteristics of the product for reasonable configuration, so that the efficiency of each equipment is close to the highest.

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