Analysis: SMT mounter quick programming steps

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SMT processing factory in many cases has to race against time, especially when the patch fast proofing, customers generally do not give too much time. Because PCBA SMD processing customers just want to maximize the savings in proofing time, as much as possible to compress the production cycle. And the time saved for testing, optimizing the program, assessing production costs.
Most of the products produced by the current placement processing factory are scaled, so programming can directly use the PCB’s coordinate file for rapid programming, without the need for individual components to coordinate the location of the position. When obtaining the PCB’s coordinate file, equivalent to the patch processing file X, axis parameters have been determined, only need to determine the axis parameters of the patch file can be.

Only familiar with the programming can make the product faster online, the specific steps are as follows:
(1) from the PCB mapping software export Generales pick and place files file, copy to the chip machine industrial control machine.
(2) In the “Import” tab, click “Open Import File”, select the file copied to the IPC, click the “Open” button.
(3) After opening, just keep Designator, MidX, Midy, Solation, and change the four names to Position, X coordinate, Y coordinate, and Angle respectively.
(4) There are two ways to specify MARKI and MARK2: manually specify MARK and system specify MARK.
① manually specify MARK: in the PCB mapping software to remember the coordinates of two points diagonal to each other, the two sets of recorded coordinates are filled in the MARK coordinates and MARK2 coordinates below, click the “Generate” button, then move the MARK camera to find the MARK point, click the “Set MARKI coordinates” button, move the MARK camera again to find the MARK2 point, click the “Generate MARK2 coordinates” button.
Professional LED SMD Making Machine SMT Production PCB Assembly Line with CE certificate
②System Specified MARK: After selection, the system will automatically select two MARK points from all coordinates, where
MARKI is green and MARK2 is blue, click the “Generate” button, then move the MARK camera to find the point with the green bar, click the “Set MARKI Coordinates” button, move the MARK camera again to find the point with the blue bar, and click “Set MARK2 Coordinates” button. Click the “Set MARK2 Coordinates” button.
(5) After setting MARK2, it will automatically jump to the “Install” tab interface, and then specify the component station, nozzle number, right-click the mouse and select the “search component location” option, according to the exported BOM table, respectively, enter the component location number.
Click the “OK” button, in the blue components that appear, click the right mouse button → select “associated components” → select the components corresponding to these placement positions and again click the right mouse button a → select “suction nozzle sort “→ select the nozzle that these components need to use.
(6) After all settings are done, click the “verify correctly” button → “save” button.
(7) Run.

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